Slow Calories, Fast Calories

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Slow Calories, Fast Calories

Decoding Weight and Blood Sugar Like Never Before

In SLOW CALORIES, FAST CALORIES: Decoding Weight and Blood Sugar Like Never Before, Sara Tang, Fulbright Fellow, NTP, has finally cracked the code on the relationship between your food and blood sugar and how this relationship could impact your weight and overall health. The book demonstrates how to balance fast calories (foods with GI scores) and slow calories (foods without GI scores) to achieve balanced blood sugar and balanced weight. This book utilizes easy to understand graphics and illustrations to simplify the complexity of the science behind blood sugar and the diseases related to blood sugar rocking.

This groundbreaking book will show you how to balance your blood sugar by eating balanced meals to:

·Lose weight
·Relieve or prevent chronic diseases such as Type II diabetes, Heart disease, High
blood pressure and much more.
·Feel better physically and emotionally

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2 thoughts on “Slow Calories, Fast Calories

    1. sorry, the English version is only sold on Amazon US.
      However, the Chinese version of this book can be bought in Taiwan
      the name is 慢卡路里讓你瘦
      hope that helps


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